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Price Compare Website Sevices in Uganda 

Pricesana.com is the best comparison website in Uganda. We give business the most complete and thought through made solution for price comparison services in Uganda. Our website is highly optimized for fast performance and easy navigation while giving the online users a great tool to compare prices from Uganda’s suppliers. We wish all our business clients to be more competitive on the market while using our marketing advantages that brings them more traffic and customers.

Pricesana is a independent price comparison service

Pricesana.com is an independent price comparison service and our focus is purely on digital search performance to help users find and compare the lowest price Uganda. This means that no suppliers can affect the information that´s being displayed on our website and no one can have benefit to get any advantages apart from advertising displayed spaces. Pricesana.com will always be independent and trustworthy for our business clients and users who chose to use this website. We want to be the perfect website for price comparison  for local searches in Uganda. We work hard to optimize for search engines to find your product and service on our website at a small affordable cost.

Free to Search for users

The purpose of Pricesana.com is to allow Ugandas online users to feel pretty safe when shopping and compering prices online. We want users to have access to get helpful information for making smart purchasing decisions before buying. It should be easy to make a great deal everyday in Uganda!

Keyword Search – Search anything!
Bothered by constant clicking and scrolling in searching for the right product? Just enter the keyword in the main search bar and in seconds you’ll be right on desired products or services with the best prices found in that category for listed business in Uganda.

Whatever devices your visitors are using they will not have any problems fully enjoying Pricesana.com website content in all its glory.

For business in Uganda

1: Registering your stores in just a few clicks from our frontend

Once you have provide all the information we require, Our sells person might contact you if needed or we can start points your product to where you usually want the end user to find it. This can be one your website, any information Google business page or Facebook. ( Please Note: If you dont have a website or need a new website we are more than happy to recommend Websitesuganda.com for any website service solution. 

2. Depending one your subscription package, we have different service options. From our backend we can automatic and import prices of from your store feeds . We can also directly get the price change from those clients websites that have provided there store websites xml feed. we use xml/CSV format to get the new price change into our platform. Changing your prices via xml feed is the easiest method and it has never been simpler. Check out our xml examples seen under register your store menu.

We offer our business customers detailed  users clicks analytics reports,
with necessary insight on each store and product you have registered.

We offer SEO services basically for each product we have registered on our platform, but we also offer offer extra exposure on all Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo …) for a custom fee for clients who desire better ranking one each search engine. When users search for specific keyword, most often they will come to Pricesana.com first and than they shall be redirect the target url to buy or contacting you.

Packages – Comparative packages prices!
We make it easier for our customers to create as many prices and product /services as they wish and want to compare. Just choose which package suits your needs or ask for a custom quote if you need more than the offered three options

We offer 3 types of subscription and pricing

3 month Slow starter package at 195 000 UGX (65,000/month) 1 products

6 months Real Promo package at 4200 000 UGX (700,000/month) 2 products

12 months Get the Real Exposure package at 12, 000,000 UGX (1,000,000/month)
4 products

We always offer 7 days free listing using based on our basic listing Slow service package for 1 product

Payments and payment options!
After 7 days of trail we offer integrated payments via CNSS Payment Services. Monopay MTN through a USSD or QR code & Bank Transfer

Pricesana.com Features

  • Easy store price updates management services or automated
  • We accept three different payment methods
  • Frontend store registration
  • Store ads space in 3 sizes and custom slider
  • Users store click track statics and rapports
  • Highly optimized website content
  • Huge Social network
  • Custom pricing packages
  • And more…

Website Design Features

  • Modern design (Bullet-proof & lightening fast!)
  • Fully responsive ( Be reachable from every device )
  • Product grid & list styles (Premium Design that makes each business stand out)

Add you business to the compare price listing and monetize traffic!
Use Our website site to stand out with your product or service, be find , be fast to react, be reliable and be visible upon visitor search.

Two things that you and your customers can always rely upon. Pricesana.com is fast and safe, enjoyable for everyone.
Nothing can make you more product more attract when customers from rate it and find it on Pricesana.com compassion website service.

We promise you are going to finally earn from our services and marketing. We give our Comparing Price clients business more than enough to have whole store covered. No matter the city or region you may want to cover, with Pricesana.com you’ll be able get the clients you are missing out on.

Front-End Store Registration – From front-end!
Simple to use form with fully explained working system will allow your partners to connect, grow & monetize along with your business.Price

Import Affiliates – Keep the partners!
We can easy import affiliates and make you profit from clicks.

SEO Optimized and Be visible!
Take advantage of google indexing with advanced SEO optimization Service


If you encounter any issue or possible bug, have no worries.
Pricesana.com comes with extensive help and a dedicated website support team .
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