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Shot about Pricesana

The website Pricesana.com is a price comparison service launched in Uganda, East Africa in beginning of 2019. It allows users to compare and get the best prices from the biggest and small business shop suppliers in Uganda. At Pricesana.com we dare to compare prices on a range of products and services by focusing purely on online digital performance.
Pricesana.com is a quick and easy comparison web service designed to help you find new customers and to compare the best price rates by comparing Uganda’s top suppliers and the local markets. Make your products searchable and affordable to the many people searching to buy.

Our Partners

Our commercial headquarters are in kawempe kampala, but we also have one of the leading SEO/SEM agencies in Europe, Sweden CNSS Solutions as our marketing partners that will help our client businesses here in Uganda to scale their Google search and Facebook advertising campaigns. As changes to marketing strategy taking place in Uganda we wanted to team up with experts that will make our client business expand across all major search engine networks used commonly in Uganda.

Choosing platform and development partner

The most important thing that we thought of during creation of Pricesana.com was to work and find the best web design company that can in the best way possible develop and introduce a new branding digital transformation on our price compare platform. We Choose a Partner that we know could undertake the involvements of such a wide array of challenges and obstacles, but also a partner that can bring exciting new opportunities for growth for our joined business partners. We built the website platform with Websitesuganda.com
(Uganda’s Website Service Bureau agency) which is a subsidiary of CNSS Solutions. Websitesuganda.com develops and host top business website in Uganda, and they specializes in covering mobile websites, social platforms and breakthrough technologies that are likely to shape your business in the near future. They deliver progressive developments within the field for competitive marketing advantages for our clients.

Why price Our Pricesana.com comparison website service

90% of the information transmitted to our website is digital and
 search engine optimized compared to traditional marketing strategies. That means its by adding keywords to your product and website for search engines to find price based upon user search word, tags and category. Our website lets you add your store with logo images, change and compete on the best price or service quality then connects your product or service to your ur landing pages for winning the customers.

Whats so significant with your services and website platform?

Some price comparison websites allow you to search for products via simple ‘best buy’ tables. Others ask you to many questions about your preferences and for that a customers as to provide personal details, and then provide you with them with personalized results. At Pricesana.com we compared a lot of other websites in Uganda and identified several issues.

1.We wanted to make thing speedy and to be quickly compared on screen or mobile deceive. That meant to be able to only ask one simple question and to be user friendly on marketing approaches.

2. We wanted a Modern design and lightspeed fast code due to poorr networks in Uganda. The fast Speed of our website complements the beautiful eye catching website design of theme gose inhand with What Pricesana.com has to offer. Our website current speed score is 92 – A+ which is great achievement from our website partner Websitesuganda.com .

3. We wanted to implement a new or significantly improved compare price product for goods or services in Uganda. A great service that could speed up the business marketing processes and user to find the best prices and service.

4.”What are you shopping for?” This is want we ask the user and we want the user to be able to see all the prices for both physical and online stores online in one place. This is better than to go waste valuable time for searching on several websites before choosing which product to buy or at which price. We know that many customers always go wording if there is any better price deal out there or who is really offering the best quality etc. Pricesana.com takes this out of the equation by offering optimized product description, have product reviews and that helps customers to find the best price deals .
For our business joined partners “Pricesana.com” was Designed for you as the ultimate weapon in your battle to make the most of online digital customers who want to find your product.

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